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Five more Fabulous Tips for an Easy Move to your New Home

Here are five more fabulous tips for a smooth move —

  1. If you are keeping hanging clothes on hangers, use trash bags to cover the bottom part of the hanging clothes.  Pull the bag ties up over the first and last hangers to keep the bag in place.
  2. Use vacuum seal bags for out of season clothing, bedding, and also for items like tablecloths and cloth napkins. Not only will these items take up less space and be easy to pack, but you can put them in storage or extra closets in the new home.
  3. Along with food (and alcohol!) give any friends or neighbors who are helping you first dibs on anything you originally planned to sell or donate.
  4. Use a color-coding system.  Pick a color for each room and label each room’s boxes accordingly (e.g., yellow: dining room).  Label the door of each room with the corresponding color.  Use stickers or duck tape for this; it makes the movers job easier and (saving tip:) faster!
  5. For rooms with valuable items (such as dining rooms with silver and crystal), consider numbering boxes in each room.  Keep a separate detailed list of contents/box number for items you don’t necessarily want to list on the outside of a box.

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