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Downsizing? DeCluttering? Moving? Want more time in Life?  Consider a professional organizer!

Hiring a professional organizer may seem like an indulgence, but when you consider the extra time, space, and money you will save, it’s worth it.  Having another set of eyes on your ‘stuff,’ someone who has no emotional attachment to the stories associated with it, can make all the difference in moving to a more serene and productive life.

Professional Organizers are true professionals; their ranks have been growing steadily since the early 1980’s. According to the National Association of Professional Organizers, there are more than 4,000 organizers who meet the criteria of work experience and professional practices in the U.S.

Arlington Realty, Inc. spoke with Josh of Organized By Josh, a Professional Organizer, on the whys and hows of his business here in the Washington, DC metro area.

What started as a hobby and ‘knack’ for helping others get organized has turned into a thriving business; Organized by Josh has been helping others simplify and streamline since February of 2016. Clients range from newly-launched empty nesters, downsizers, home sellers and buyers, and people generally wanting to streamline their lives.

Josh’s services include home organizing and digital organizing.  “To obtain lasting impact, it’s best to start by organizing the entire home,” advises Josh.  The benefits of getting rid of items not needed or used includes “increased productivity, reduced stress, saving money, and more free time not cleaning or searching for lost items” Josh notes.  He’s also heard from clients that their newly-simplified lives have allowed them to take up hobbies with their new-found time. Once organized, clients often find their expenses have gone down and they feel a sense of happiness in their home; Josh often helps clients sell, consign, and donate many of their possessions, and with fewer possessions, many clients have been able to move to smaller homes.

Our next blog post will continue with the benefits of hiring a Professional Organizer — including a discussion of Josh’s digital organization services, strategies used, and tips on how to maintain a streamlined life!

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