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How to Keep Your Family Safe from Residential Locksmith Scams


How much should you pay your locksmith?

When you are locked out of your home, it can be tempting to opt for the quickest and most inexpensive option you can find in order to get inside. The anxiety caused from being locked out is understandable, but throwing caution to the wind for a quick fix is a dangerous move. 

Ninety-five percent of all online locksmith ads are scams, and residential lockouts are scammers’ number one targets to strike. The most common scam is bait-and-switch; a low price of less than $20 is advertised, but upon arrival the locksmith claims the job is more ‘complicated’ and charge more than five times that amount. The flustered customer usually agrees because they have already wasted valuable time and don’t want to have to find someone else to do the work. No legitimate locksmith can charge that little and remain in business because the fees locksmiths charge have to cover all of their operational costs, including transportation, licensing, tools, supplies, labor, and insurance. For a simple residential lock-out, locksmith service should usually cost around $100.

Bait-and-switch is only one of six common locksmith scams and is often the result of people trying to hire the cheapest locksmith they can find. 

Knowing what to expect of your locksmith and how much you ought to pay is just one step in protecting yourself from becoming the next scam victim. This Locksmith Scam Survival Guide provided by the folks at Mr Rekey locksmith details everything you need to know about locksmith scams and how to make sure your locksmith is trustworthy. Don’t wait to find a reliable locksmith. If you are already locked out, it could be too late.


Guest blog post from Mr. Rekey Locksmith

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