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    Open Floor Plans Trend Continues in Homes


    The trend of open floor plans continue, but on a smaller scale.  Customized spaces with storage that lend themselves to multi-use are popular.  According to designer Seth Grizzle of Graypants in Seattle, “People want a fun edge that makes them smile, and they’ll give up space from some uniqueness.”  Ideas such a door that holds a bookshelf, a phone charging station in a desk, or walls lit from behind are becoming more and more popular.

    Shared and mixed-use spaces continue, especially in multifamily buildings.  Common areas such as a rooftop deck and ground-level retail are becoming more and more popular in condo and apartment buildings. Townhouses and single-family homes are being built with first-floor suites offering private entry for older adults and boomerang children, and can be converted to other uses as needs change.  Check back here soon for further scoop on trends in home design!

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