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Paint Color Trends for Your Home

            The folks at House Beautiful interviewed home designers for their take on the ‘hottest’ trends in home interior colors for Summer 2015.  Whether you are preparing your home to sell, moving into a new home, or just sprucing up, consider these terrific colors to brighten your spaces. Use these trending colors on walls, accent walls, or painted furniture for a fun change of pace.

1.         Greek Blue – evoking the Mediterranean, this rich blue can really make a wall or furniture pieces pop.  It looks terrific with paired with pink or grey.

2.         60’s palettes – Thanks to the TV show Mad Men, we can all get a glimpse of the olive green and orange colors that  made the fashions and homes of the 60s cool.  Try these  shades in smaller rooms or accent furniture pieces.

3.         Apple Green – a fresh, bright color that can brighten any room.  This color looks terrific

            a bright or soft blue.

4.         Pastel Palettes – think orange and purple sunsets, green palm trees, aqua pools, and pink flamingos, through a soft filter.

5.         Gray — soft or steel — remains the hottest neutral color in home interiors.  Pair a soft  gray with a dark charcoal for extra sophistication and detail.

6.         Renaissance Inspired colors –  cerulean blue, beiges, plums, greens, and whites layer beautifully in mixed patterns and textures.

7.         Mixed warm tones – think rust, olive, dusty mint, and aubergine.  You’ll see a lot of olive  and khaki in summer fashions, why not adapt the trend to your home?  An accent of a bright tone of these colors keep the mix interesting.

8.         Red – Bright red is a standout color for accent pieces and single walls.  Mix with gray,

            white, and black for a bold setting.  A midnight-blue in a lacquer is always right with red.

Whichever colors you choose, don’t be afraid to mix it up, and experiment a bit out of your comfort zone.  Paint is one of the least expensive – and fun!- ways to decorate and personalize your living space.

 Rhoda Wheeler, Director of Marketing

Arlington Realty, Inc.

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