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Thinking of Renting? Advice from Arlington Realty Property Management

Thinking of Renting?  Basic Information from Arlington Realty Property Management

If you are looking to rent a home, whether for your family or with a few colleagues, here a few important aspects of the process for you to know.

  1. Fees and Work and Residence History:    Most property management companies and even individual landlords charge an application fee, typically around $50.  This fee helps cover the background and credit check fees, for which you should be prepared to submit information.  Usually your work history and residential history for the past three years is requested.  Proof of employment/salary history, usually the past two pay periods, is also requested.  Experian and Appfolio provide the landlord/property manager with your credit report, rental payment history, and criminal background report.
  2. Pets:  It is vital that you disclose pets to the property manager/landlord.  Many landlords allow dogs under 50 pounds.  Cats are, according to Arlington Realty Property Management’s Beau Logsdon, a more “divisive” pet; many landlords will not allow cats of any breed.  Fish tanks/aquariums over twenty gallons may require special permission.  It is always better to disclose pets in your application.
  3. Insurance:  Renter’s insurance is almost always required, be sure to find out what terms and limits are required for the specific property you are interested in.
  4. Smoking;  Many properties these days are non-smoking.  As with pets, it is vital to inquire the property’s policy on smoking, both in the home and its exterior.
  5. Miscellaneous policies:  Be sure to read policies on hanging art, TVs, and other heavy objects from walls, as well as disclosures such as waterbeds and safes.  Many properties have restrictions on the weight of items hung on walls, and some will not permit waterbeds or extremely heavy furniture.
  6. Timing:  Most properties require signatures and applicable deposits within 48 hours of an application’s approval.

It is always best to read applications and policies carefully, so you as a renter know your rights and are not faced with any last-minute surprises.  After all the details are taken care of, you can relax enjoy your new home!!

Need more advice or a property manager?  Contact Becky Bruner, Property Manager,, 703.836.2525

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